Bianchi Paper Castings

Paper castings are Ellen Bianchi's unique process of casting handmade recycled papers onto a mold, causing an embossed design into the paper. Each of these molds is handcrafted and designed by Ellen Bianchi herself. The castings are then hand painted with layers of paints and varnishes to create a visual and tactile depth to the paper, enhancing the texture and the embossed design.

Ellen Bianchi's paper castings are each original, as no two are exactly alike, and many are numbered (numbered originals) as the designs can be replicated with the mold/cast process.

Paper Casting Gallery

Having a custom paper casting in your home or as framed artwork for an office is sure to impress any guest or customer.

With the wide array of color choices that can used in the custom made wall artwork or even the framing options, a paper casting can be made to fit any decor or interior painting ideas.

In addition to any current original paper casting designs, a completely original, custom made wall art paper casting design can be done to your design. Some recent, popular designs include bird art, fish wall art, modern flower artwork, beach art, and many other forms of tropical wall art or Florida inspired designs.

Feel free to browse our gallery of tropic inspired modern artwork. Each month we are adding new and exciting pieces to the Bianchi collection. If you're interested in knowing when new artwork is available, e-mail Ellen Bianchi.

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